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The Galerie KK was founded by Klaus Kiefer on 8 May 1983. It focuses on contemporary figurative painting and in particular on the direction of critical realism beyond the mainstream and the purely decorative. "Painting, like real life, revolves primarily around birth, procreation and death. Good and great artists seek their own answers to these existential questions, and these are not always only beautiful" (Klaus Kiefer).


Among the artists of the first hour are Johannes Grützke and the French draughtsman and painter Roland Topor, who unfortunately died far too early. Today the programme includes over 20 artists, among them Pavel Feinstein, Lilli Hill, Rudi Hurzlmeier, Hartmut Kiewert, Andreas Leißner, Bettina Moras, Bruno Pontiroli, Heike Ruschmeyer, Michael Sowa, Volker Stelzmann and Yongbo Zhao.


The gallery usually shows four exhibitions per year. It also participates in art fairs (including Art Karlsruhe, Affordable Art Fair Hamburg) and cooperates with art associations, municipal galleries and museums.